New Snail Cat Stickers

My new Snail Cat stickers and magnet were a hit at Rose City Comic Con. Thanks for your support! Look forward to seeing everyone there next year.  I am excited to announce  my stickers and magnet will be available at Purringtons Cat Lounge  If you are there drinking coffee and petting beautiful cats take a look at my cat art. I also will have both items available on this website.


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Sylvia Mann

"The Mann" a.k.a. Sylvia Mann is an artist, writer, and creator of the Eye Bot and Snail Cat comics series. She is a Portland native with a B.A. in fine and applied arts from the University of Oregon. Other accomplishments include completion of the Graduate Jeweler program at the Revere Academy (San Francisco), and continuing education courses from both PNCA and PCC. Study at these institutions included: ceramics, photography, weaving, welding, metalsmithing, jewelry, painting, and drawing.

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